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New UV protection 3rd generation available with Spectre Silver and Spectre Gold lenses

Everybody loves sunshine. However, do you know about sunshine?

Beyond sunshine, invisible ultraviolet light also reaches the earth. They are described as three wavelengths:

  1. UVC is absorbed by the ozone layer of Earth’s atmosphere
  2. UVB is partially absorbed by the ozone layer
  3. UVA penetrates the atmosphere and reaches the earth and then... sunburn, skin aging, DNA damage

There is also a risk that the light energy is applied to the retina of the eye as a heat source. A short blue wavelength light tends to cause a photochemical reaction.

Even in white LED light, blue light is included in the low 400-500nm wavelength region.

We are surrounded by UV & LED light in our day to day life. Sun rays, car headlight, PC monitor, smartphone, tablet or television ‘etc’. Therefore, it is important to protect eyes from UV and blue light.

However, recent studies have shown that shorter wavelength light from 400-420nm also damages the retina, which is the most vulnerable tissue of the eye. This can be one of the factors which accelerates the development of Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) and cataracts.


  • Blocks above 400nm
  • Clear looks (transparent & no ghost)
  • 1.60/37 SF SV Spherical
  • 1.67/32 SF SV Spherical
  • 1.74/33 SF SV Spherical

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