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Single Vision

Visual performance incomparable with any other single vision lens

Design details

IOT’s Advanced Single Vision takes advantage of our in-depth knowledge in personalised ophthalmic lens design to reach the highest performance also for Single Vision lenses. The IOT designers have engineered a Single Vision design with capacity to produce any type of Single Vision freeform lens, no matter the frame, material, base curve or prescription.

High performance design

Not only standard prescriptions to be fitted in common frames can be produced with this design, IOT Single Vision is also a high performance design for complicated jobs such as high prescription or lenses for wrap frames.


Thanks to Digital Ray-Path® each pair of Single Vision lenses are able to be calculated entering the real personalisation parameters or; when this data is not provided, to be calculated using default values for these parameters. Maximum performance can only be reached if they have all the real personalisation parameters. For frames without pronounced wrap angles the quality reached using default values will be close to the maximum one.

Great resolution thanks to Digital Ray-Path® technology

Digital Ray-Path® is an innovative calculation technology that uses a design engine to compensate the lens with a simulation of the binocular eye-lens system. Every unique lens is individually calculated guaranteeing an adapted solution for any prescription and base curve.

Better vision in all gaze directions

Conventional Single Vision lenses for high prescriptions have the weakness of losing visual clarity when looking in lateral directions. This inconvenience is caused by oblique astigmatism, and its correction is essential for providing clarity and comfort. With IOT Single vision design, people with high prescription will enjoy a notable improvement.


  • Vertex distance
  • Near working distance
  • Pantoscopic angle
  • Wrapping angle
  • IPD
  • HBOX
  • VBOX

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Target Market

  • Ideal for everyone who needs single vision correction. Especially beneficial for high minus and plus prescriptions or large astigmatic correction
  • The best single vision totally compensated for each specific user


  • Total personalisation
  • Maximum optical quality for any prescription
  • Compatible with any material and base curve
  • Thinner and lighter lenses
  • High precision and high personalisation due to Digital Ray-Path® technology
  • Clear vision in every gaze direction
  • Oblique astigmatism reduced
  • Possibility to input the frame shape for accurate calculation
  • Frame shape personalised available
  • Digital Lens
    Digital Lens
  • Personalisation
  • Digital Ray-Path
    Digital Ray-Path
  • Enhanced distance
    Enhanced distance
  • Ideal for wrap frames
    Ideal for wrap frames