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Duo + Platinum

Premium lenses with variable base curve

Spectre Platinum is the state of the art in progressive lenses

The progression is distributed between the concave and convex surfaces resulting in better optics and aesthetics.

Spectre Platinum is calculated by Camber Technology which combines complex curves on both surfaces of the lens to provide excellent vision correction. The unique, continuously changing surface curvature of the specially designed lens blank allows expanded reading zones with improved peripheral vision.

When combined with a sophisticated back surface digital design, both surfaces work together to accommodate an expanded Rx range, offer better cosmetics (flatter) for many prescriptions, and yield user-preferred near vision performance.

This is the first time that all benefits of previous generations of progressive lenses have been preserved and the disadvantages have been eliminated.

The origin of Camber Technology

Camber Technology was born from a simple question. How can we combine the best features of both conventional and digital surfaced progressive lenses and minimise each one’s limitations?

Camber Technology is the answer to this question, solving the challenges by unifying traditional optical principles with today’s digital possibilities.

The Spectre Platinum blank

The Spectre Platinum blank has a unique front surface with a variable base curve, which means the power of the font surface increases continuously from top to bottom. This provides the ideal base curve for all visual areas while reducing oblique aberrations in the lenses. Thanks to the unique function of its front surface all Spectre Platinum finished lenses offer unbeatable vision quality at any distance, especially in the near zone.

Variable base curve

Each Spectre Platinum lens blank comes from a section of the ‘Elephant’s Trunk’ curve, creating a unique variable base curve front surface that continually increases in diopter from top to bottom.

Combining front and back surfaces

Spectre Platinum is one of the most advanced digital lens design technology available today.

It combines the sophistication and engineering of the unique Spectre Platinum lens blank with a full range of renovated and optimized digital designs on the back surface.

Spectre Platinum’s variable base curve significantly reduces oblique aberrations because of its pure and unique geometry, while Digital Ray-Path® technology, compensates and optimises the back surface of the lens to enhance distance, intermediate and near visual fields. Each wearer receives a fully personalised dual side lens that is more functional and comfortable to wear.

Three part synergy

1. Spectre Platinum blank

  • Available in all standard materials
  • No additional machinery or technology required
  • Variable base curve

2. RX design computation

  • Fully optimised back surface lens design thanks to Digital Ray-Path® technology
  • Several designs are available with Camber technology

3. Individual wearer's custom parameters

  • Personalised for every wearer

An advanced lens like no other

The Spectre Platinum finished lens give wearers an outstanding visual experience with spacious reading zones, improved peripheral vision, an expanded Rx range, better looking lenses in many prescriptions and user preferred vision performance.

CORRIDOR LENGTHS: 14mm, 15mm, 16mm, 17mm, 18mm, 19mm, 20mm





  • Vertex distance
  • Near working distance
  • Pantoscopic angle
  • Wrapping angle
  • IPD
  • HBOX
  • VBOX

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  • Premium all-purpose lens
  • Special calculation method reducing swim effect
  • Innovative front curvature that improves wearer’s vision, especially in the near zone
  • Unbeatable vision in all zones
  • Lateral aberration minimized
  • Better cosmetics
  • Expanded visual fields in all areas
  • Clear vision in every gaze direction
  • Variable inset to improve binocular vision
  • Frame shape personalization improves thickness
  • Available in multiple minimum fitting heights for adapting to any frame
  • Digital Ray-Path
    Digital Ray-Path
  • Personalisation
  • Balanced
  • Short Available
    Short Available
  • Ideal for wrap frames
    Ideal for wrap frames