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‘Spectre Drive’ is the perfect driving lens for all distances and in all conditions

Monday 6th August 2018

Spectre Drive is a personalised progressive lens that incorporates a power distribution specifically adapted for driving. The innovation design uses Digital Ray-Path® technology for excellent resolution, combined with UV3G lenses that cut almost 100% harmful UV light and a night vision zone for greater visual quality and less fatigue when driving at night.

Taking into account the location of mirrors and dashboard, Spectre Drive Progressive’s power distribution is specially designed to enable wearers to drive without making unnecessary head movements. Distance vision field has been enhanced and amplified to provide users with a perfect vision of the horizon and mirrors, whilst intermediate vision has been optimised for a clear vision of the dashboard. A specific night vision zone compensates the refractive error difference that occurs between day and night by up to 0.25 D, making Spectre Drive ideal for all distances and in all conditions.

Phil Lawson, Surfacing Manager for Dunelm Optical; "Standard progressive lenses have an inadequate distance visual field or limited peripheral vision making driving uncomfortable. Spectre Drive has been developed to maximise intermediate - distance vision which are the areas most used for driving. It offers optimised vision of the road, dashboard and mirrors.

For further details please call Phil Lawson, Surfacing Manager on 01388 420420 or email: plawson@dunelmoptical.co.uk