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Personalised progressive lens suitable for driving

Total comfort while driving

Taking into account the location of mirrors and dashboard, Spectre Drive Progressive’s power distribution was specially designed to enable wearers to drive without making unnecessary head movements, ensuring driving comfort.

Engineered using the latest progressive lens production technology, distance vision field has been enhanced and amplified to provide users with a perfect vision of the horizon and mirrors.

However, drivers also need a clear vision of the dashboard. Therefore, intermediate vision has been optimised, making Spectre Drive ideal for all distances where enjoying a long drive is important.

Personalisation parameters

In order for 100% personalisation, all personalisation parameters unique to each wearer must be added to prescription data. The lens will be optimised using default values for jobs with no personalisation parameters.

Great view of the road, mirrors and dashboard


Excellent resolution thanks to Digital Ray-Path® technology

Digital Ray-Path® is an innovative calculation technique that uses a simulation of the binocular eye-lens system to optimize the lens. Each unique lens is individually calculated, ensuring an adapted solution for any all prescriptions and base curves.

When the patient needs a curved frame prescription, the lens needs to be specially optimised.

Otherwise, power errors affect the wearer’s visual acuity. When these errors are not addressed, lens performance is reduced.



Drive Progressive is available in 18 mm minimum fitting height.


Edge thickness of minus lenses and centre thickness of plus lenses can be significantly reduced with the lenticular option.

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