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Leica For More Than One Hundred Years, A Worldwide Synonym For Precision Optical Tools & The Fine Arts Of Engineering Made In Germany

Leica’s dedication to perfection in manufacturing and quality and their untiring ambition to achieve the best possible visual experience are the cornerstones of the fascination for the long-established brand. The name Leica is a promise of quality and the joy of seeing the world that they have fulfilled for generations and maintain today.

Manifested in groundbreaking achievements, the company’s optical expertise encompasses all Leica products – from the earliest microscopes to sport optics products, Leica’s cameras and their legendary lenses. Photographers often speak of the “Leica moment” when describing particularly successful photographs with strong contrasts, the finest contours and the perfect interplay of light and shadow. Leica can now also apply this range of expertise and experience to the manufacture of ophthalmic premium lenses.

Leica’s engineers are continuously striving for the limits of what is technically feasible and for them optics is a passion.
Thanks to their incredible knowledge and expertise, this product range is one of the most innovative in Europe.

As it does for its photographic and sport optics products, Leica also prioritises quality, precision and innovation for its eyeglass lenses. Quality assurance is breaking new ground with Leica Eyecare. The standards of the quality levels and inspection procedures introduced by Leica Eyecare are 20% higher than applicable European standards. The lens manufacturing procedures enable measuring accuracy that is 100% higher than current standards, thus minimising eye fatigue for the wearer.

In addition to these unique quality and precision requirements, the optical lenses also boast the benefits of the Aquadura® coating, which was developed and patented by Leica. This finish has been used on Leica binoculars for years and offers outstanding lens protection from water, dust, dirt and damage, even in the most demanding conditions.

The Leica Eyecare collection features high-performance premium lenses for all visual needs, as well as lenses for a variety of specific applications and activities such as driving, playing golf, shooting, sailing, winter sports, cycling and, of course, photography. The overall product range focuses on what is most important: customer satisfaction. Thanks to unique technical manufacturing processes and many lens customisation options, Leica Eyecare offers wearers of lenses an incomparable visual experience and outstanding wear comfort.


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Lenses are an integral part of the Dunelm Optical portfolio; the Leica Eyecare brand is a supreme product and an excellent addition to our lens collection. Leica Eyecare’s demand for perfection in both manufacturing and quality ensures the best viewing experience. Dunelm Optical is extremely excited to be offering this pioneering product range to our customers.

We are the only Approved Distributor in the UK and Ireland for Leica Eyecare lenses.