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Kids and Teens Fashion

Thursday 6th June 2019

Dunelm’s ethos of quality craftsmanship has not been compromised with its vibrant collection for its youngest but very perceptive customer. With careful consideration paid to robustness, comfort and protection, the range of young and fresh eyewear Dunelm offer with their Whiz Kids, GR8 Kids and OMG! Eyewear range is picture-perfect for children and teens.

Product Development Director Oliver Beaumont explains; “Our business continues to strive forward, producing high quality products without compromising the style for our younger clientele. Children and teenagers have more creative freedom and choice than ever before and it is our task to provide eyewear that suits both their practical needs and fashion requirements”.

‘Howi’ from Dunelm’s Whiz Kids collection is designed for 0-5 years old with durability, comfort and protection in mind. Available in Candy Floss Pink (C1) and Cobalt Blue (C2), it features flexible removable sides and an additional detachable strap and curled sides making it not only vibrant and fun but extremely practical and safe too. Available all-in glazed in measurements 40-15-120.

A bright new arrival to Dunelm’s Whiz Kids collection is the magical ‘Meli’ frame, designed for 5-12 years old. A fun frame for boys and girls made from quality acetate that is built to last and designed to please. It’s tri-laminate design is available in colours that really pop - Hot Cerise (C1), Electric Blue (C2) and Cinder Toffee & Black (C3). Available all-in glazed in measurements 47-15-125, ‘Meli’ combines practicality and durability with ‘kiddy-cool’ design and bold colours.

If you believe in unicorns (and who doesn’t), new arrival ‘Awinita’ from the Whiz Kids collection is the perfect pair of specs for every 5-12 year old. Made from durable, shiny and quality tri-laminate the sides are adorned with bursts of hearts, stars, bows, rainbows and of course, unicorns. With colours of Punchy Purple (C1), Bright Burgundy (C2) and Brilliant Black (C3), ‘Awinita’ encapsulates a colourful, playful and imaginative vibe. Available all-in glazed in measurements 46-15-125.

To suit the taste, style and size of teenagers, Dunelm’s OMG! Eyewear collection offers cooler, funkier and retro designs in smaller measurements. New Arrival MOD 6053 is a great proposition for teens with its ‘on trend’ round shape and bold colours of Poppin' Pink (C1), Divine Jade (C2) and Dramatic Purple (C3). Its vivid, mottled wood grain effect design of the acetate front combined with colourful, chic metal sides offer a real ‘stand out’ style for every discerning 21st century teenager.

“Children and teens enjoy their cases almost as much as their specs and these accessories certainly help with sales” explains Oliver Beaumont. “The majority of our cases are made in the UK and available in a variety of sizes. The ever popular ‘Metal Crazy Animals’ range is a best seller amongst younger customers and brings 4 eye-catching new fabric coverings for 2019. A magical unicorn has found its rightful place which is sure to be a crowd pleaser for many young and imaginative children”.

Oliver Beaumont concludes; “Rather than hiding behind their specs, a child can feel confident and self-assured with the choices available to them. From the use of vibrant colours and playful patterns to the cooler styles for teens, Dunelm’s variety of affordable brands and styles cover the needs and requirements expected from our youth of today. Parents and guardians can be reassured that all children’s lenses are individually surfaced to create the thinnest best lens form whilst ensuring durability is always maintained”.