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Contact your local Dunelm Regional Sales Manager

Scotland and North of the Tyne 

Stephen McCabe 
Tel: 07714 081889
Email: smccabe@dunelmoptical.co.uk

Yorkshire and South of the Tyne

Oliver Beaumont
Tel: 07778 049190
Email: obeaumont@dunelmoptical.co.uk

Lancashire and North Wales

Craig Gibbons
Tel: 07860 330422
Email: cgibbons@dunelmoptical.co.uk

East Anglia and Lincolnshire

Wendy Fox 
Tel: 07921 478536
Email: wfox@dunelmoptical.co.uk

Midlands and Staffordshire

Mark Bashford
Tel: 07714 594010
Email: mbashford@dunelmoptical.co.uk

North London, Hertfordshire, Essex, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire

Phil Toolsy
Tel: 07850 769577
Email: ptoolsy@dunelmoptical.co.uk

South of the Thames, South of the M4

Lee Trowell
Tel: 07860 228030
Email: ltrowell@dunelmoptical.co.uk

South West, Bristol and South Wales

Hannah Roberts
Tel: 07850 882555
Email: hroberts@dunelmoptical.co.uk

Northern and Southern Ireland

Andrew Brogan
Tel: 00 353 862 431 870