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Night Driving

Wednesday 7th November 2018

For some the beginning of autumn strikes up thoughts of crackling open fires, woolly winter warmers and cosy dark nights. For others, those dark nights may provoke less homely fears of driving home in low light conditions, with impaired depth perception, distorted vision and increased glare from surrounding street lights and car headlamps.

There are many spectacle wearers that struggle at this time of year to drive as comfortably to and from work as they would do in the lighter evenings of spring and summer. Reduced vision/clarity, halos, loss of contrast, postural discomfort and glare are commonly reported from patients; and now we have a solution.

Spectre Drive from Dunelm Optical has been specifically designed to answer the needs of all drivers. Optimised viewing zones, built in night myopia control and a range of filters and coatings, ensures:

•  Minimised head movements to improve postural comfort.

•  Reduced glare.

•  Optimised distance and dashboard views.

•  Improved vision and clarity in low light conditions.

Enjoy a great view, in all driving conditions with Spectre Drive.


Tanya Storey FBDO
Commercial Manager Lab & Lenses
Dunelm Optical